Zoo Med Can O’ Worms – Product Description

Zoo Med Can O’ Worms – Product Description

Zoo Med Can O’ Worms – Product Description

Introducing the Zoo Med Can O’ Worms, the perfect treat for your beloved pets. This pack includes 4 cans of 1.2 oz worms, providing a delicious and nutritious snack for your furry friends. Whether you have reptiles, birds, or fish, these worms are sure to be a hit!

Benefits of Zoo Med Can O’ Worms

1. High Nutritional Value: These worms are packed with essential nutrients, including protein, vitamins, and minerals, which contribute to the overall health and well-being of your pets.

2. Natural and Safe: The worms are raised in a controlled environment, ensuring that they are free from harmful chemicals or pesticides. You can trust that you are giving your pets a safe and natural treat.

3. Easy to Use: The convenient packaging of the Can O’ Worms allows for easy storage and feeding. Simply open a can and serve the worms to your pets. No hassle, no mess!

How to Use Zoo Med Can O’ Worms

1. For Reptiles: Place a few worms in your reptile’s feeding dish and watch them enjoy their meal. The worms can be fed as a treat or as part of their regular diet, depending on your pet’s needs.

2. For Birds: Sprinkle a few worms on top of your bird’s food or offer them as a separate treat. Birds love the taste and texture of these worms, and they provide an excellent source of protein.

3. For Fish: Drop a few worms into your fish tank and watch as your fish eagerly swim towards their new snack. The worms can be fed to both freshwater and saltwater fish, adding variety to their diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Are these worms suitable for all types of reptiles?
  2. A: Yes, the Can O’ Worms can be fed to a wide range of reptiles, including turtles, lizards, and snakes. However, it is always recommended to consult with a veterinarian for specific dietary requirements.

  3. Q: How long can I store the worms?
  4. A: The worms have a long shelf life and can be stored for up to 2 years. Make sure to check the expiration date on the packaging before use.

  5. Q: Can I feed these worms to my tropical fish?
  6. A: Yes, the Can O’ Worms are suitable for tropical fish. They provide a nutritious and tasty snack for your fish to enjoy.


The Zoo Med Can O’ Worms is a must-have treat for pet owners. With its high nutritional value, natural ingredients, and easy usage, it is the perfect choice for reptiles, birds, and fish. Treat your pets to a delicious and healthy snack with the Can O’ Worms today!