X-SHOT Excel Skins Last Stand: Unleash Your Inner Warrior

X-SHOT Excel Skins Last Stand: Unleash Your Inner Warrior


Are you ready to take your blaster battles to the next level? Look no further than the X-SHOT Excel Skins Last Stand. This powerful blaster combines epic firepower, lightning-fast action, and pinpoint accuracy, making it the ultimate weapon on the battlefield. With its unique design and customizable skins, the Last Stand is not just a blaster, but a statement of your style and prowess.

Unleash Your Power

The X-SHOT Excel Skins Last Stand is the largest blaster in the Skins range, offering unparalleled power and performance. With a 14-dart capacity auto-rotating barrel, you can hit multiple targets up to 27 meters (90 feet) away. No opponent will be able to escape your wrath as you unleash a barrage of foam darts with lightning speed.

Unmatched Accuracy

Thanks to the innovative 14X Air Pocket Technology Foam Darts, the Last Stand offers unrivaled accuracy. Each dart is designed to fly faster, further, and with pinpoint precision. Say goodbye to missed shots and hello to hitting your targets with deadly accuracy.

Customize Your Blaster

With X-SHOT Excel Skins, you have the power to customize your blaster to match your style. Choose from 4 unique skins, each with its own distinct design. Whether you prefer the edgy Graffiti or the fiery Fire skin, there’s a skin that will suit your personality. Stand out from the crowd and make a statement on the battlefield.

Easy to Use

The Last Stand is not only powerful and accurate but also incredibly easy to use. Its easy-to-prime mechanism allows you to unleash 14 darts in seconds, giving you a tactical advantage over your opponents. The blaster also comes with a tactical grip and rail for easy loading and the ability to add accessories to level up your game.

  1. Can I use other foam darts with the Last Stand blaster?
  2. No, the Last Stand blaster is designed to work best with X-SHOT Excel Skins darts, which feature the 14X Air Pocket Technology for optimal performance.

  3. Are the skins removable?
  4. No, the skins are not removable. Once you choose a skin, it becomes a permanent part of your blaster, adding to its unique and personalized look.

  5. Can I use accessories from other blasters with the Last Stand?
  6. Yes, the Last Stand comes with a rail that allows you to add accessories from other blasters, giving you the flexibility to customize your blaster even further.


The X-SHOT Excel Skins Last Stand is not just a blaster; it’s a statement. With its unmatched power, accuracy, and customizable skins, it allows you to unleash your inner warrior and dominate the battlefield. Choose your skin, customize your blaster, and join the battle. Choose different, choose X-SHOT Excel Skins.