OasisSpace Cold Therapy Machine – Reduce Swelling and Manage Pain

OasisSpace Cold Therapy Machine – Reduce Swelling and Manage Pain

OasisSpace Cold Therapy Machine – Reduce Swelling and Manage Pain


Whether you’re recovering from Shoulder, Ankle, Cervical, Back, Leg, Hip Knee surgery or suffering a pulled muscle or acute injuries from working out, OasisSpace cold therapy system will be your prefect choice for helping you manage pain and swelling. This type of ice Therapy machine for also improves joint function and quality of life. This ice therapy machine avoid the inconvenience of changing cold packs frequently, reduce the risk of infection from condensed water on cold packs.

Main Features

  • Ice therapy machine
  • Universal Pad
  • Knee Pad
  • Foam-insulated connector tubing
  • Three Adjustable secure straps
  • User manual

Topical Ice Therapy Relief

By providing a soothing constant circulation of cold water, this ice therapy machine can effectively reduce the post-surgery swelling and inflammation, joint pain and post-workout recovery which help you improve joint function and ease your recovery from knee surgery or other. Besides, cryotherapy machine also features five rates of continuous flow with cycle times of 30 minutes or less for a personalized experience.

Two Ergonomic Designed Pads

Considering the universal pad can’t be fully suit the knee, this circulating cold water therapy systems will provide an extra knee pad to save you budget. (The knee cushion can be adjusted to meet your need) Most of the time, you can use the universal pad on the ankle, leg, hip by yourself. But like an elbow or shoulder, you usually need the help of another person to use it.

Durable and Leak Proof

Water leaking easily increases the risk of secondary infection, so the pad, insulated pipe and three sizes of elastic strap (can be used up to 150 times) is all constructed with a durable composite material with reinforced seams. (When turning off the machine, you may need to be careful to drain water from pad and pipe)

Low Noise & Comfort

To provide you a more comfortable recovery, the flexible cold pad is soft and dimpled which allow ice water to provide even, gentle cooling to relieving the pain of your surgical site. And the main unit is equipped with a high-quality diaphragm pump that can effectively reduce the noise caused by machine operation.


To give you a better experience:

  1. Please make sure you fill it with enough water to cover the sensor tube on the lid. The transparent bucket allows you to see the ice without opening the lid. So it’s easy for you to see if the ice needs to be added to the cold therapy machine.

One Year Warranty

Your satisfaction is our greatest aim! Our 12 months warranty and customer service oriented focus makes you can shop without worry.