MikroTik Switch CRS326-24G-2S+RM (CRS326-24G-2S+RM)

MikroTik Switch CRS326-24G-2S+RM (CRS326-24G-2S+RM)

MikroTik Switch CRS326-24G-2S+RM (CRS326-24G-2S+RM)

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient switch for your network infrastructure? Look no further than the MikroTik Switch CRS326-24G-2S+RM (CRS326-24G-2S+RM). This switch is designed to provide high-performance and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

Key Features

1. Gigabit Ethernet Ports

The CRS326-24G-2S+RM is equipped with 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports, allowing you to connect multiple devices to your network with ease. Whether you need to connect computers, printers, or other network devices, this switch has you covered.

2. SFP+ Ports

In addition to the Gigabit Ethernet ports, this switch also features 2 SFP+ ports, which provide high-speed connectivity for devices that require faster data transfer rates. These ports are perfect for connecting servers, storage devices, or other high-bandwidth devices.

3. Layer 3 Switching

The CRS326-24G-2S+RM supports Layer 3 switching, allowing for advanced routing and network segmentation. With this feature, you can create virtual LANs (VLANs) to separate different departments or secure sensitive data.

4. Easy Management

Managing your network is a breeze with the CRS326-24G-2S+RM. It comes with a user-friendly web interface that allows you to configure and monitor your network settings. Additionally, you can also manage the switch using the MikroTik RouterOS software, which provides advanced features and customization options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I stack multiple CRS326-24G-2S+RM switches together?

A: Yes, you can stack multiple CRS326-24G-2S+RM switches using the SFP+ ports. This allows you to expand your network and increase the number of available ports.

Q: Does the CRS326-24G-2S+RM support Power over Ethernet (PoE)?

A: No, the CRS326-24G-2S+RM does not support PoE. If you require PoE functionality, you may consider other MikroTik switch models that offer this feature.

Q: Is the CRS326-24G-2S+RM suitable for small businesses?

A: Yes, the CRS326-24G-2S+RM is suitable for small businesses. It provides a cost-effective solution with its versatile features and easy management options.


The MikroTik Switch CRS326-24G-2S+RM (CRS326-24G-2S+RM) is a powerful and reliable switch that offers a range of features to enhance your network infrastructure. With its Gigabit Ethernet ports, SFP+ ports, Layer 3 switching, and easy management options, this switch is a valuable addition to any business. Upgrade your network today with the CRS326-24G-2S+RM and experience improved performance and flexibility.