Jura 3-Phase Cleaning Tablets: The Key to Perfect Coffee Every Time

Jura 3-Phase Cleaning Tablets: The Key to Perfect Coffee Every Time

For perfect coffee quality every time, it’s important to care for your coffee machine correctly and follow some simple rules of hygiene when it comes to milk, coffee, and water. To make the care of your machine as easy as possible, every JURA coffee machine has a maintenance-free brewing unit that cleans itself at the touch of a button. Original JURA cleaning tablets, tried and tested millions of times over, are continually being optimized and improved by our laboratory team. The new 3-phase cleaning tablet is the innovative outcome of intensive research and now offers even better results, thanks to an additional protection phase that provides lasting protection against mineral deposits. Yet the tablets are still just as easy to use.

Consistently Perfect Coffee with TÜV-Certified Hygiene

JURA coffee machines were certified as extremely hygienic by independent international testing organization TÜV Rheinland in accordance with its own strict criteria. This proves that JURA maintenance products, precisely formulated to be effective with the electronically controlled programs, guarantee TÜV-certified hygiene and cleanliness for every JURA coffee machine.

Effective Cleaning – Long-Lasting Protection

In combination with the integrated, electronically controlled cleaning program, the 3-phase cleaning tablet reliably removes coffee fats between the brewing unit and the coffee spout. As well as cleaning, it also seals all the pipes, delaying the deposition of coffee fat with lasting effectiveness. In addition, complexing agents provide lasting protection against mineral deposits.

New Phase 3: Protection

In the newly developed third phase, complexing agents provide lasting protection against mineral deposits. This ensures that your coffee machine remains in optimal condition, delivering consistently perfect coffee with every brew.

Durable and Efficient

The Jura 3-Phase Cleaning Tablets are not only highly effective but also durable and efficient. With a 25 pack blister, you can enjoy long-lasting cleanliness and protection for your coffee machine. Say goodbye to mineral deposits and coffee fat buildup, and say hello to the best-tasting coffee every time.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How often should I use the Jura 3-Phase Cleaning Tablets?
  2. We recommend using the cleaning tablets once a month or after every 200 cups of coffee, whichever comes first.

  3. Can I use the cleaning tablets for other coffee machines?
  4. The Jura 3-Phase Cleaning Tablets are specifically designed for JURA coffee machines. We recommend using the appropriate cleaning products for other coffee machine brands.

  5. Are the cleaning tablets safe to use?
  6. Yes, the Jura 3-Phase Cleaning Tablets are safe to use. They have been extensively tested and approved for use in JURA coffee machines.


Investing in the Jura 3-Phase Cleaning Tablets is the key to maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of your coffee machine. With TÜV-certified hygiene, effective cleaning, and long-lasting protection against mineral deposits, these tablets ensure consistently perfect coffee every time. Say goodbye to coffee fat buildup and mineral deposits, and enjoy the best-tasting coffee with ease.