Inoar Shampoo & Conditioner for All Hairs – 250 ml

Inoar Shampoo & Conditioner for All Hairs – 250 ml

Inoar Shampoo & Conditioner for All Hairs – 250 ml

The Pos Progress Line: Maintaining Healthy and Straight Hair

The Inoar Shampoo & Conditioner for All Hairs is part of the Pos Progress line, a powerful hair care solution that not only maintains the health and natural moisture of your hair but also preserves the straighten effect for a longer time. Its innovative formula combines technology and powerful actives to offer nano-recovery of damaged hair and protein mass. With the added benefits of Panthenol, this shampoo and conditioner duo also reduces split ends, leaving your hair beautiful and straight for a long time.

Pos Progress Shampoo: Cleansing and Treating Chemically Treated Hair

The Pos Progress shampoo is specially formulated to clean and treat chemically treated hair. Its powerful high technology active ingredients, such as Polyquaterniums and Creatine, provide the recovery of damaged hair and protein-based mass. This shampoo enhances the sensation of volume and softness in your hair follicles, giving you a luxurious and healthy hair experience.


Apply the Pos Progress shampoo to your wet hair and massage with your fingertips until it foams abundantly. Rinse thoroughly afterwards. If necessary, repeat the application for best results.

Pos Progress Conditioner: Nourishing and Enhancing Your Hair

The Pos Progress conditioner contains a powerful combination of Creatine, D-Pantthenol, and Wheat Germ Oil. This unique blend gets rid of static and improves definition in your hair, keeping it soft and promoting a molecular shine. It also aids in the recovery of your hair’s protein-based mass, providing the necessary nutrition and elasticity for healthy and beautiful hair.


After completely removing the shampoo, apply an adequate amount of the Pos Progress conditioner to wet hair. Spread it around, massaging one strand at a time. Let it rest for a few minutes to reach the desired conditioning effect, then rinse your hair thoroughly.

Caution: Safety First

It is important to follow safety precautions when using the Inoar Shampoo & Conditioner for All Hairs. Keep the product out of reach of children and do not ingest it. If you are sensitive to the product, discontinue use and seek medical advice. In case the product gets into your eyes, rinse with plenty of water. Avoid using on mucous membranes. This product is for external use only. Store it in a cool and dry location, away from light and heat.

Expirable: Yes

Targeted Group: Unisex

Suitable Hair Type: All Hair Types

Brand: Inoar

Manufacturer: Inoar

Item Trademark: INOAR

Item Category: Hair Cleaner Conditioner