Guapa 18U Shape Disposable Microblading Pen

Guapa 18U Shape Disposable Microblading Pen

Guapa 18U Shape Disposable Microblading Pen


The Guapa 18U Shape Disposable Microblading Pen is a game-changer in the world of permanent makeup. Designed with precision and convenience in mind, this pen allows artists to create flawless eyebrows with ease.

Key Features

  • 0.15mm Needle Blades: The ultra-thin needle blades ensure precise and natural-looking eyebrow strokes.
  • Pigment Sponge: The built-in pigment sponge allows for easy application of color, resulting in long-lasting and vibrant eyebrows.
  • Disposable Design: Each pen is disposable, ensuring hygiene and reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  • U18 Shape: The U18 shape is perfect for creating defined and structured eyebrows.
  • High-Quality Materials: The pen is made from durable and lightweight materials, providing comfort and control during use.

How to Use

  1. Prepare the client’s eyebrows by cleaning and shaping them.
  2. Select the desired color pigment and load it onto the pigment sponge.
  3. Hold the pen at a 45-degree angle and gently glide the needle blades along the natural eyebrow shape, creating hair-like strokes.
  4. Repeat the process until the desired eyebrow shape and density are achieved.
  5. After the procedure, apply a healing ointment to the eyebrows to promote proper healing.


  • Time-Saving: The Guapa 18U Shape Disposable Microblading Pen allows artists to create perfect eyebrows in less time compared to traditional methods.
  • Cost-Effective: With its disposable design, there is no need to invest in expensive sterilization equipment.
  • Professional Results: The ultra-thin needle blades and pigment sponge ensure professional-quality results, even for beginners.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Clients will be amazed by the natural-looking and long-lasting eyebrows achieved with this pen.

Experience the revolution in permanent makeup with the Guapa 18U Shape Disposable Microblading Pen. Get yours today and elevate your eyebrow game!