Folgers Breakfast Blend Mild Roast Ground Coffee – Product Description

Folgers Breakfast Blend Mild Roast Ground Coffee – Product Description

Folgers Breakfast Blend Mild Roast Ground Coffee

Start your day with the delightful aroma and rich taste of Folgers Breakfast Blend Mild Roast Ground Coffee. This pack includes 3 AromaSeal canisters, each containing 21.6 ounces of premium coffee.

A Blend of Smooth and Mellow Flavors

Our experienced Roast Masters have carefully crafted this coffee to deliver a mild roast with a blend of smooth and mellow flavors. Every sip will awaken your senses and leave you craving for more.

Perfect for Various Coffee Makers

Whether you prefer a traditional drip coffee maker or enjoy the art of French press and cold brew coffee making, Folgers Breakfast Blend is versatile enough to work with a wide range of home coffee makers. Experience the same great taste no matter how you brew it.

AromaSeal Canisters for Freshness

We understand the importance of freshness when it comes to coffee. That’s why each canister of Folgers Breakfast Blend is equipped with our innovative AromaSeal technology. It seals in the flavor and aroma, ensuring that every cup is as fresh as the first.

Makes Up to 180 Servings

With each canister making up to 180 suggested strength 6 fl oz servings, you can enjoy the rich taste of Folgers Breakfast Blend for a long time. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply want to savor a cup of coffee every morning, this pack has got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I use this coffee in a Keurig machine?
  2. No, this coffee is ground and not suitable for Keurig machines. It is recommended for use with traditional coffee makers, French press, and cold brew coffee making.

  3. Is this coffee organic?
  4. No, Folgers Breakfast Blend is not organic. However, it is made with high-quality coffee beans and expertly roasted to perfection.

  5. What is the caffeine content of this coffee?
  6. The caffeine content can vary depending on the brewing method and personal preference. However, as a mild roast, Folgers Breakfast Blend generally has a moderate caffeine content.


Indulge in the smooth and mellow flavors of Folgers Breakfast Blend Mild Roast Ground Coffee. Crafted by our experienced Roast Masters, this coffee is perfect for those who appreciate a mild and delightful cup of coffee. With its versatility and AromaSeal canisters, you can enjoy the freshness and rich taste for a long time. Start your day right with Folgers Breakfast Blend!