Farma Canary Budget Mix 20 Kg – Product Description

Farma Canary Budget Mix 20 Kg – Product Description

Farma Canary Budget Mix 20 Kg – Product Description

“Farma Canary Budget Mix 20 Kg” is a cost-effective complete feed specially designed for canaries. Enriched with bread crumbs, this feed provides essential nutrients to keep your canaries healthy and happy.

Key Features:

  • Size: 20 KG
  • 10 Varieties of Seeds
  • Ingredients: Canary Seed, Rapeseed, Peeled Oats, Yellow Millet, Red Millet, Linseed, Spinach Seed, Bread Crumbs, White Millet, Niger Seed
  • Made in the EU
  • Formulated with care
  • Packed with a host of goodness
  • Hygienic packaging

Why Choose Farma Canary Budget Mix 20 Kg?

1. Cost-Effective: This budget mix offers great value for money without compromising on quality. You can provide your canaries with a nutritious diet without breaking the bank.

2. Enriched with Bread Crumbs: The inclusion of bread crumbs in the mix adds an extra level of taste and texture, making it more appealing to your canaries.

3. 10 Varieties of Seeds: The mix contains a diverse range of seeds, ensuring a well-rounded diet for your canaries and providing them with a variety of essential nutrients.

4. Made in the EU: The product is manufactured in the European Union, adhering to strict quality standards and regulations.

5. Formulated with Care: The feed is carefully formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of canaries, promoting their overall health and well-being.

6. Packed with Goodness: The mix is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support your canaries’ immune system and enhance their vitality.

7. Hygienic Packaging: The packaging ensures that the feed remains fresh and free from contaminants, maintaining its quality and nutritional value.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much should I feed my canaries?

The recommended feeding amount may vary depending on the size and activity level of your canaries. It is best to follow the guidelines provided on the packaging or consult with a veterinarian for personalized advice.

2. Can I mix this feed with other supplements?

Yes, you can mix Farma Canary Budget Mix 20 Kg with other supplements or fresh fruits and vegetables to further enhance the nutritional variety in your canaries’ diet. However, ensure that the overall diet remains balanced and meets their specific dietary requirements.

3. Is this feed suitable for all types of canaries?

Yes, Farma Canary Budget Mix 20 Kg is suitable for all types of canaries, including young, adult, and breeding birds. It provides a well-rounded diet to support their overall health and development.


Farma Canary Budget Mix 20 Kg is the ideal choice for canary owners looking for a cost-effective and nutritious feed. Enriched with bread crumbs and packed with a variety of seeds, this mix ensures that your canaries receive the essential nutrients they need for optimal health and vitality. Made in the EU and formulated with care, this product guarantees quality and freshness. Invest in Farma Canary Budget Mix 20 Kg and provide your canaries with a wholesome and delicious diet!