AUTOOL SDT106 Universal Car Smoke Leakage Detector

AUTOOL SDT106 Universal Car Smoke Leakage Detector

AUTOOL SDT106 Universal Car Smoke Leakage Detector

Why Need It

1. The rupture of the vacuum hose will cause the mixture to be too thick, the idle speed will increase, the hot car will not start well, the engine will surge during acceleration, the fuel consumption will increase significantly, and the exhaust pipe will emit black smoke.

2. Blocking will cause the idle speed to drift, and the idle speed is easy to stall.

3. Air leakage in the vacuum tube will cause the engine to run weakly.

Wide Testing Range

The AUTOOL SDT106 smoke leak detector can perform smoke testing on multiple systems, including EVAP systems, Intake Systems, Cooling / EGR / Exhaust Systems, Crankcase Systems, Engine Airtightness, Vacuum Leaks, and Low Pressure Turbo leaks. It is applicable to cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles, ATVs, light trucks, and speedboats.

Built-in Air Pump

With the AUTOOL SDT106, customers do not need to purchase additional air pumps. We use high-quality materials and have conducted numerous tests to ensure reliability and performance. This saves you both time and money.

EVAP Detection

American cars produced since 1996 are equipped with EVAP service ports. In most American cars, the EVAP service port is usually located in the engine compartment, but in some special models, it may be located elsewhere. To perform EVAP leak detection, simply open the plastic cover of the EVAP service port, use the spool wrench to remove the check valve clockwise, install the EVAP service port adapter, and introduce smoke from the port into the EVAP leak detection system.

Stable and Efficient

Fill the car pipes with smoke, wait for about 2 minutes, and use inspection lights to assist in lighting. Start checking the system for leakage fault points. The AUTOOL SDT106 Universal Car Smoke Leakage Detector ensures a stable and efficient process for identifying and resolving leaks in your car’s pipe system.