3 Pairs Moisturizing Heel Socks – tifanso Heel Socks for Dry Cracked Feet

3 Pairs Moisturizing Heel Socks – tifanso Heel Socks for Dry Cracked Feet

3 Pairs Moisturizing Heel Socks – tifanso Heel Socks for Dry Cracked Feet


To make dry, cracked heels soft and smooth without using expensive foot care products, this moisturizing socks is all you need. The tifanso Moisturizing Heel Socks are designed to provide ultimate hydration and comfort for your feet. With its gel heel and breathable fabric, these socks lock in moisture and prevent cracked heels.

Main Features

Soft and Breathable

The soft and breathable heel socks for women overnight allows your feet to breathe freely, and the gel in the heel helps lock in moisture without absorbing foot cream for better skin hydration. Say goodbye to cracked heels.

Toeless Design

Even with flip flops, this toeless socks works with ease, spa socks for women protecting & moisturizing your heels while your toes breathe and feel cool.

Relieve Fatigue

When dancing, shopping or running, or people who need to stand for long-term work, cracked heel socks paired with your favorite foot lotion, ease heel and ankle pain and provide a comfortable spa treatment for your feet, lotion socks for women overnight effectively relieve the fatigue of your feet.

Steps to Protect Injured & Cracked Heels

  1. Wash your heels with warm water
  2. Towel dry or air dry
  3. Apply a moisturizing cream or ointment
  4. Put on moisture socks for dry feet overnight


  • Colors: Pink, Black, Gray
  • Material: cotton blend fabric and moisturizing gel
  • Quantity: 3 pairs heel socks for dry cracked feet

Clean Tips

Hand wash heel socks for cracked feet women with natural detergent in water below 30°C. Not machine washable to avoid damaging the moisturizing gel.

Get Smoother, Softer Skin

If the heel is cracked, a pair of moisturizing socks is necessary. After applying moisturizing lotion, heel cream for rough, dry and cracked feet or healthy feet cream, wear heel socks for dry cracked feet to get more effective use. Care for your heels with 24 hours.

High Quality Fabric

Heel socks are made of flexible cotton blend fabric with a mesh and toeless design that is more breathable and absorbs sweat. These heel moisturizing socks are washable and reusable for durability. No longer worry about the foot cream being wiped off when you put on these gel socks. Accelerate the foot care of cracked heel repair.

Moisturizing Gel

The gel heel socks are attached with a moisturizing gel, firmly locking in moisture. Gel socks for dry cracked feet women decompress the discomfort of your feet, protect your heels, and prevent the tingling sensation of walking. Foot moisturizing socks can prevent friction like heel protectors, good for reducing friction between shoe and foot, blister prevention for heels.

One Size Fits Most

The cracked heel socks are highly elastic and fit most sizes of feet for both men and women. Moisturizing socks can be worn for long periods of time and overnight without cutting off your circulation. Put on these gel socks for dry feet treatment for women after applying lotion or heel balm. Great for cracked heel repair and getting healthy feet.

Package Contains

3 pairs of moisturizing heel socks, pink, black and gray. These moisture socks for dry feet overnight fit many shoes like sneakers, flats, boots, leather shoes, etc. You can wear heel socks for dry cracked feet at home, office, playing sports or shopping. These aloe socks for women are an ideal foot care gift for family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can these heel socks be worn with shoes?

Yes, these heel socks can be worn with shoes. They are designed to fit most shoe sizes and provide comfort and moisture throughout the day.

2. How long should I wear these socks for?

You can wear these socks for as long as you like. They are safe to wear overnight and for extended periods of time.

3. Are these socks machine washable?

No, these socks are not machine washable. It is recommended to hand wash them with natural detergent in water below 30°C to avoid damaging the moisturizing gel.

Thank you for choosing tifanso Moisturizing Heel Socks for your foot care needs. Say goodbye to cracked heels and hello to smoother, softer skin.